Monday, February 4, 2008

True confessions of a children's librarian/milspouse

1) I haven't read Twilight.
2) I don't make Einstein's lunch.
3) When he's on late rotations, I don't even make dinner. I figure he can make himself toast and eggs as well as I can.
4) I secretly hate when parents come to me for help finding some kind of book "rating" system, or when they request books with only "moral" themes. The real world is not the Christy Miller series, much as I enjoyed them growing up. Let your kids read the classics. I promise it won't scar them for life.
5) I sir and ma'am everyone (enlisted/officer/civilian, doesn't matter) unless they are the same rank as Einstein. It is just too awkward to sir/ma'am someone his rank.
6) I actually like shelf reading. In college, I used to go in to work during finals just to shelf read because I find it a very relaxing/zen way to spend time.
7) Half of the time when I go to spouse functions, I buy cookies at the commissary instead of bringing homemade.
8) I loathe story times. I like the idea, I like storytelling, but planning it all out makes me want to throw up sometimes.
9) I worry that people in my new mil-spouse world are judging me because I work full time, instead of being a homemaker.
10) I worry that people from my old, comfortable activist librarian world think I've sold out to The Man for a man.

Luckily, Einstein knows all of this and doesn't care. And frankly, neither do I, other than some lingering guilt about selling out/not being a good enough wife. It seems like I'm sort of damned if I do, damned if I don't.