Thursday, October 29, 2009

Want a library card?

I think everyone should have a library card.

I'll wait a moment for the shocked murmuring to settle down.

Seriously, though, what's better than free entertainment? Most libraries have books, DVD's, audiobooks, tons of online resources and more available to cardholders.

So go get a library card, but be prepared! Most libraries are going to make you show a photo ID and something else (a current utility bill, rental agreement, a piece of mail, car registration) that shows proof of residence. I have never worked at a public library that didn't require this second type of proof of residency.

I am often frustrated when military folks come in with their military IDs and expect that to be enough to get them a library card. Sorry, its not (at least, not at any library I've ever worked at- not saying it might not be elsewhere!). The military folks often get frustrated with me, too. I understand how they feel, and often feel like commiserating- after all, my brown ID card gets me everything else, from groceries to free legal assistance, so why can't it get me a library card?

So save yourself some hassle: get a library card, but be prepared before you get there; you'll save yourself (and the person behind the desk) some frustration.

**Note: if you're setting up a library account at the base library, be prepared with your ID, your sponsor's duty phone number and unit, and other relevant information!**

Saturday, October 24, 2009

one thing I love about the air force

My husband is okay with making cookies.I'm not saying Navy/Marines/Army aren't...but...

I know that some branches (our friend T who is Navy) think that the AF is a little out there, but Einstein is making cookies for me right now, which is pretty sweet. And I'm with my sis, and talking about a million things. Seriously, though, I love our new location, and our base, and and baby sister is here, which is better than anything.


One is silver, the other is gold

One of my mother's favorite refrains when I was growing up was "Make new friends but keep the old; one is silver, but the other is gold." While I generally prefer silver to gold (and silver vs. gold insignia denotes the higher rank, haha) I definitely agree with the premise of what my mother was trying to say.

The problem is that I'm not sure how to put it into action. I'm fairly decent at making new friends, I think. I'm not like other people I've observed, who seem to make best friends with the first person they meet at a new base, and remain BFF's for the rest of their lives. Nonetheless, I do find it easy to be friendly with people, and from there, to develop real friendships as I get to know them better.

Unfortunately, I am horrible at long distance communication. This is ironic, since Einstein and I maintained a long distance relationship for 4 years, and still have what I would affectionately refer to as a "commuter" marriage. Although I've never struggled with calling/emailing him, I am horrible at it with the rest of the world.

My most frequent email correspondent is my mother-in-law, mostly because I would feel pretty guilty if I ignored her emails, and also because our communication styles mesh: short, to the point, with a little humor thrown in for good measure.

I am horrible at long, chatty emails, and I am even worse at the telephone. I loathe the phone. I prefer email and texting. I often let my phone go to voicemail and rarely return voicemails once I listen to them (which can take an embarrassingly long time). I star blogs in my reader to comment on them, and then never do it. I star emails for later reply, archive them, and forget all about them. I intend to send cards and letters and never do.I remind myself of birthdays and forget to call/text/facebook whatever.

While some friends are fine with this, others clearly hate me for not communicating more efficiently. Also, as more of my friends become long distance friends, it gets harder and harder to keep up. I wonder if my expectation are too high, or if I am just a crappy friend? I don't know. I do try, especially for people I know value certain types of communication, but there are some friends that I have grown apart from and I'm not sure if that is inevitable or if it is my fault.

I guess I just have to do the best I can, and try to find some way to balance the silver and the gold.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I know I shouldn't, but...

It is science fair time in our area.

That means lots and lots of parents coming in to check out science books.

For the most part they seem completely unrepentant that they are doing the research for their child. Some of them are a little more sheepish. No matter which camp they fall into, they feel the need to excuse themselves. I've heard a lot of variations on these refrains:

"Oh, I know I should make her do the research herself, but she is so busy with soccer/cheering/band/blah blah blah..."

"I'm just picking up books for him, he's doing all of the work on this project himself!"

"Do you have any good ideas for a fifth-grade level project?"

"I have no idea what type of science they are studying this year...does it matter?"

The winner, though, was a mother who came in this morning:

"I might as well pick the project. I'm going to do all the work anyway."

At least she's honest...

Friday, October 16, 2009

My poor garden

I managed to plant a little garden when we arrived at our new place. I am starting to think that I have a black thumb. Our planters on the balcony of our apartment rarely survived, but I was sure that with a whole backyard and tons more space to work with, I would be able to haul in some serious produce.

So far I have harvested 2 cherry tomatoes, several handfuls of basil and one bell pepper. Bugs, heat, too much rain and a million other things are working to kill my produce. And of course, the farmer's markets are all done for the season. I am ready to tear my hair out. I finally have a chest freezer (amazing!) and so I am thinking about trying to get in on a local organic vegetable delivery thing-a-ma-jig in the hopes that I will be able to freeze some extra produce before winter sets in.

Not that winter is exactly knocking on our door, here in the South, but my Minnesota upbringing is hard to argue with!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Trip down memory lane

The other night, Einstein and I were discussing a system for getting the dishes done.

I like to set up systems to do the dishes so that I can avoid having to actually do them.

I was reminiscing about my system for doing dishes in our old apartment, and Einstein mentioned that he couldn't picture our old apartment. Which surprised me, because I still think of our apartment as home. Based on past experience, it takes me at least six months to start to forget the details about wherever I lived before.

Other than my parents house and my college campus, I've never really gone back to places I've lived before. We have friends who really enjoy visiting old postings, driving past old houses, staying on base, eating in favorite restaurants, etc. I think I would enjoy it, too, but we haven't had a chance yet to go back and visit any of our old haunts.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dancing with the stars

Einstein and I are taking dance lessons. I found a good deal on two months of lessons, and I told him that it was now or never.

When we first started dating, he showed up at closing time at the library where I worked, rolled down the windows on his car, pulled me close and started dancing. Between the streetlights, the fog and Old Blue Eyes on the radio, it was pretty darn romantic. Unfortunately, neither of us know how to dance.

Until now! We are learning, slowly but surely. We're having a really great time. We are going to miss a few of our classes because he is not exactly working what I would call 'regular' hours, but for the most part it has been a fun way to spend one evening a week.

All of this thinking about dancing made me realize how romantic Einstein was when we first got together. I usually end those types of thoughts with "He never does anything like that now!" but today, I was replaying our dance class, thinking about that first dance in the parking lot almost 8 years ago, and all I could think was how much I love him, and how much I appreciate all of the wonderful things he does and has done for me.

The next time I'm frustrated with him, I'm going to try to remember this feeling.