Thursday, October 29, 2009

Want a library card?

I think everyone should have a library card.

I'll wait a moment for the shocked murmuring to settle down.

Seriously, though, what's better than free entertainment? Most libraries have books, DVD's, audiobooks, tons of online resources and more available to cardholders.

So go get a library card, but be prepared! Most libraries are going to make you show a photo ID and something else (a current utility bill, rental agreement, a piece of mail, car registration) that shows proof of residence. I have never worked at a public library that didn't require this second type of proof of residency.

I am often frustrated when military folks come in with their military IDs and expect that to be enough to get them a library card. Sorry, its not (at least, not at any library I've ever worked at- not saying it might not be elsewhere!). The military folks often get frustrated with me, too. I understand how they feel, and often feel like commiserating- after all, my brown ID card gets me everything else, from groceries to free legal assistance, so why can't it get me a library card?

So save yourself some hassle: get a library card, but be prepared before you get there; you'll save yourself (and the person behind the desk) some frustration.

**Note: if you're setting up a library account at the base library, be prepared with your ID, your sponsor's duty phone number and unit, and other relevant information!**


loquita said...

Hell yes! :-D

I'm so proud that one of the things I did during my first week here at Camp Swampy was get my library card. I have checked out soooo many books, and I love that it was all free -- except my late fees when I lose track of time. :-p Also where I'm at the librarians are all notaries, so I got their help in notarizing my paperwork when I sold my house. Booyeah!

I lurve the library. :-D

That's Sassy said...

Thanks for the info on base libraries!! Very good to know because I use my current library card all the time and my sis is a librarian in the state I live in now so that helps!

Ana said...

Hmm, I didn't need anything but my military ID when I got my base card back in Washington. I'm guessing it's different base to base.

Libraries, though, are fantastic. I miss having one to go to. They have a room full of paperbacks you can either take or leave one of your own, but that's it. No librarian, no kids books for my boys. It's one of the few bummers about moving here. We'll be very happy to have a real library when we move back to the States.