Monday, November 12, 2007


Einstein's little section of the Air Force is superstitious and traditional in the extreme. Every time I turn around I hear about some new tradition, from what to drink to how to welcome a new commander to music to uniform alterations.

Before we were married, I read a lot. I've read pretty much every spouse's handbook out there. I sought out military spouses to quiz them. I read Spousebuzz and lurked on blogs. I read stuff online. I followed message boards.

And apparently, none of it was adequate preparation. Sure, I'm futher ahead on the curve than some: I knew what Tricare was, how much to tip baggers at the commissary, what to do during Retreat, etc. But all of these "traditions" ?? No clue. Also, no one seems to know why they are traditions.

I should write a book. But since I am assuming that every "little" section of the miitary (not just service by service) has its own traditions, quirks and superstitions, it would only really be helpful to a few people. Although, if I wrote some sort of anthropological survey instead of a guidebook, it might draw in a wider readership.


loquita said...

I think you should start blogging all the little tidbits of info you learn under a category. Who knows, maybe one day you would have enough for a book. :-p

PS - Where did you get your MLS? I'm a software engineer who secretly wishes she was a librarian. :-p

Nomad Librarian said...

The University of North Texas...they have a great distance program! Tennessee was another program I looked at seriously. It's worth the extra effort/$$ (depending where you're at) to go to an ALA accredited school.

Also, I'm so glad there are people out there who want to be librarians! Lately it seems like my profession is mostly good for a laugh at parties; ie, when I was complaining about how Einstein refuses to shelve his DVD's in alphabetical order. I can never find what I'm looking for!

Bette said...

I think being a librarian is cool! I still haven't ruled out going back for an MLS someday.

That would at least give me a legit reason for alphabetizing the spice cabinet and my CDs, both of which I'm merely mocked about now.