Friday, May 30, 2008

Oh, little garden!

Einstein and I live in an apartment. Since we don't have a yard for gardening, I have turned to container gardening. This year's crops include (drumroll, please!):

Basil (yum!)
Lemon Thyme

So far they seem to be thriving, although I worry a little bit that they will not survive the summer. I grew up in the North, and summer below the Mason-Dixon line seems a little, well, harsh. Like, soul sucking heat that is out to kill all living things, me and my baby plants included. Technically, half of them aren't babies, they are perennials from last year, but still.

There are few things that make me happier than coming home and picking things right off the vine for dinner! If you've never tried gardening of any sort and are interested in starting a few pots of tomatoes (or being even more ambitious!) check out The Edible Container Garden by Michael Guerra. It has great photos and excellent blow by blow instructions for all types of plants and containers. It is excellent for all levels of gardener, from the complete neophyte to the experienced gardener who is new to containers, or just looking to branch out from tomatoes!

Also, I love the farmers market. I went to the commissary today and didn't have to buy ANY produce. (Our commissary has the nastiest produce ever). Hooray!


liberal army wife said...

we have herbs, and a patio tomato plant (no blooms yet, snipping them off to promote root growth and strength) Beans - Now there would have been a great vine! We have lots of flowers this year - this tiny balcony is blooming!

Herbs- oregano, marjoram, three kinds of basil, 2 kinds of chives- mint, lemon verbena - lots of stacker type pots

I just find I need to water daily in the morning. we only have morning sun, so they don't bake all day.


trying said...

I beg to differ that OUR commissary has the nastiest produce. Althought it is a two for one deal, produce for fruit flies that is.

The farm stands arent quite out yet, another week or two on this side of the mason dixon, but i cant wait. Next year we are going to plant a garden in one of the fields that doesnt get used. Now to keep the animals away....