Sunday, March 22, 2009

lame lame lame

That's how I feel right now.

I miss Einstein. He's TDY. This wouldn't be so bad, but for two things:

1) Two of our most wonderful friends got married this weekend. Weddings make me sappy...especially now.

2) The upcoming assignment-of-deployements...I keep thinking: this is my life now. My very alone life.


Wow, I'm pathetic. I apologize in advance to those who have it worse than I. Any tips for coping with short (relatively), VERY frequent deployments? Anyone????


loquita said...

I recommend you email The Mrs - her husband has that schedule, and I think has had that schedule for quite a while.

On the plus side, maybe we can start meeting up halfway for day trips, if we're both unemployed? :)

liberal army wife said...

Oh those suck almost more than the full ones! it's the constant goodbye, hello, get your stuff out of the living room.


The Mrs. said...

like loqi said, welcome to my life.

In six years of marriage, six years, we have not had a full year together. Actually the closest we ever got was 7 months together and he had surgery that year so that explained that. Strange as it sounds, you do get very used to them. I'm not going to lie, I sleep better in the bed alone, but the comings and going just become normal. I only find it hard now because its getting to be so hard on the kids as they get more aware.

You and your love will find yourselves in an odd little dance. He comes home and the first night is the honeymoon and then it really does get quickly back to normal. and then when he leaves its much the same. Feel free to email any time my email is on my page.

but i will say, and flyboy agrees (and his father did "traditional deployments" so he's been on both ends) that the short frequent ones are much harder then the big long ones that only come up every year and a half.

The Mrs. said...

I did think of something to add, something that is really hard not to fall into the trap of. Living seperate lives. Its so hard. He's gone so much that I just tend to roll with all the home stuff and he rolls with his work stuff, you really have to make an effort to meet up and include each other on whats going on. Especially once there are kids! There are so many nights that I'm just tired, I dont want to relieve the day all over but its so easy to become distant.

It's important to make sure that you know you have a place with the other one. Does that make any sense? I love to hear about his work I mean not the technical airplane stuff thats in one ear out the other, the annoyances, whats going on in the squadron, etc. And I try to give him the run down of whats going on here, I might not lay it all on him when he's away flying, but before the boys wake up and see him I fill him in so that he'll be able to understand what they're talking about.

Just another bit of my two cents I hope you dont mind. : )

Solitary Wind Chime said...

I spend a lot on funny cards. I can kill an afternoon in Halmark picking out the best ones. That makes me a little excited about sending him letters, which I like to do even if we get to talk on the phone.

I don't have kids yet either, so I cook full meals and freeze half, so the cooking for one goes a little easier.

And I try to start a project each time he goes so I have something to focus on. Once it was Tolstoy. Another it was a craft project. Organizing all my wedding photos. Making strawberry jelly. It gives me something to look forward to show him once he's home, talk about in letters or on the phone, and keeps me busy with something he wouldn't be that interested in if he were home.

jlc said...

Hmmmm right now I'm going through our 1st deployment (almost at the 12 month mark now) and I have to say my best coping mechanisms are:

going to work where I forget everything,
reading twilight and re reading twilight (haha so true!)
walking/ talking to my puppy
and my new obsession with running.

Just remember there's a ton of us who go through this... so we're all here for your support!

Oh and how could I forget the best one! Blogging!! :)