Monday, April 27, 2009

The PCS that ate my life

When Einstein and I moved here, we did a DITY move.

I made him swear to me that we would never, ever do one again as long as we lived.
(In case you're worried, we're not. He tried to talk me into it and I told him that he could use the money we made on the DITY to pay for a divorce lawyer. Like I said, NEVER AGAIN.)

I was so excited about this PCS. I had all of these dreams, filled with soft, muted light and sappy music, where the movers came, packed all of our stuff and we blissfully set off for our next adventure. Stress free. Full of happiness and joy. Everything easy, simple and care-free.

Just thinking about my naivete makes me want to laugh hysterically. Or maybe just have hysterics, screw the laughter.

Our last move, despite being a DITY move, had a TON of lead time. We have plenty of lead time for this one as well, but working right up until we move is stressing me out. Between trying to convince Einstein to rent, looking at houses, researching mortgage options, separating out the stuff we're packing with us, saying goodbye to friends, etc etc etc I feel like I am losing my mind.

Don't even get me started on job hunting. Once I have my feet under me again, I have a whole series of posts fleshed out on why librarian is the best milspouse job ever, milspouse jobs in general and other related topics. But I'm too busy trying to find a job to post it! I feel a little crazy...when we moved here, I allowed myself to wait until we were moved in to start looking, but this time around I feel like I need to find a job BEFORE we get there. Which is nearly impossible, honestly. Although I may die trying.


loquita said...

This is a belated comment on an earlier post -- if you won't be @ your new duty station for 5 years, just rent. I'm selling my house in PA right now, and it is a bitch. Just a big huge stress ball, not to mention the money that goes into trying to sell a house, all the big and little stuff that needs to be fixed. It's going to take me years to recover enough from this to want to buy again... I am happily renting now at Camp Swampy.

Good luck with the job hunt, and I'll be awaiting your posts on the benefits of being a librarian. :)

liberal army wife said...

Hey. I'm with you - the DITY... should be banned, BANNED I tell you!!!

Ok, I'm calm. But you might want to take a look at a 5 part series we did on about the employment problems.

We'd love to get your perspective on it as well.

as for the house - mine's been up for sale for over a year. Nada