Saturday, August 15, 2009

A glimpse into the life I could have had

I have a new job in a nearby library! This is a very good thing, since it gets me out of the house and gives me another arena to focus on. I needed that, more than I did at the last place we lived. Things have been harder for me to adjust to, here, despite loving the location far more than our old one.

Anyway, my new job! I like it, its cool, and now that I'm settled in, hopefully I can get back to posting on a regular basis.

Yesterday I had a chance to really talk with one of my coworkers. She's about my age, and we have really similar dispositions, etc. And after talking with her for awhile, I realized that she is a lot like the person I would have been if I hadn't married Einstein. She's attached to her extended family, and after some exploring moved home to be near them. She loves her work and derives most of her satisfaction from it.

I could have been like that. If things had turned out differently. Instead, I am living this nomadic lifestyle, far from my family (and right now, from my friends, too, until I make new ones!). I don't mind it, because Einstein is worth it. But it was interesting to spend a conversation seeing what might have been, and seeing that despite all the draws (my coworker has a pretty sweet life!) I would still rather have Einstein's and my life, with all its hassles and inconveniences, than live a life that didn't include him.


The Mrs. said...

I always wonder what life would be like if it werent for the military life. Would we parent differently, would our kids be different, what would life be like near family? But, it is what it is, good with the bad.

hey, could I bother you for some library recommendations? I just finished We Two about Prince Albert and Queen Victoria, just a random new book I picked up at the library, I'm hardly into the royals but it was FASCINATING and I'd love to read more about the royal family, and good recommendations? my email is on my blog if you know of anything off hand. THANKS!

liberal army wife said...

glad you landed in a spot you like! congrats on the job.