Monday, November 9, 2009

Murphy's law of TDY's strikes again

Maybe its because things just seem worse when he's gone, or maybe it really is Murphy out to get me, but as soon as he's TDY something always breaks, or some emergency crops up or whatever.

The worst part is that I then have to make decisions. I am normally a pretty go-to type of person. I don't mind making decisions.

But I also like talking those decisions over before I make them. With, you know, the person who 1) usually lives here and thus has a pretty good read on the situation; 2) is not prone to hysterics and 3) will be most impacted by any property damage/costs incurred/etc by whatever decision I make.

Unfortunately, I'm in the driver's seat with no one to bounce things off of.

If he doesn't like how things turn out, he can complain to the Air Force.


That's Sassy said...

Hi there,
I had a military wife question for you. My fiancee is in the AF and has just left for Laughlin AFB Texas for pilot training. He is on casual status till next July and we are planned to get married next June but are now considering going to the justice of the peace in December and then having the catholic ceremony in june. I was wondering if you had any advice. He has ASBC training in Alabama for 6 weeks from January to February and then IFS training from May 10 to June 10. I would love to hear from any experiences taht you may have encountered as a military wife.

loquita said...

Somehow I have avoided any crazy Murphy incidents while I've been with LT. I know exactly what you mean about having someone to bounce things off of. When i owned my own house I had no problem taking care of everything, but it's just nice to have someone else involved.

Love that last line, too true. :-p