Monday, July 14, 2008

Maybe you can help me...

"Maybe you can help me" is seriously my least favorite phrase to hear from a patron.

Dude, I get paid to help you. It is the main component of my job. I went to freaking grad school so that I could help you.

I'm pretty sure I can help you.

Also, what do you say to that? I mean, what do you say that is friendly and customer service oriented? "Yes, I can help you" with a perky smile is my usual reply, but even I get sick of that after awhile.

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trying said...

Can I ask you something... I am dying to take my little ones to the library but I'm terrified too. I have two adorable (read loud) boys who are 19 mths and 3 1/2. I always remember the library being so quiet I'm afraid we'll be kicked out.