Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Why I love storytime

Today we had storytime. It was fantastic. One of the books I read was "When Dinosaurs Came with Everything" by Elise Broach. One of the things I like the best about working as a children's librarian is the sheer enthusiasm that little kids have. When I worked with teens, they never got that excited. About anything.

So the excitement of my crowd of preschoolers as I read this cute picture book about a little boy who sets out with his mom on a day of boring errands and discovers (to his delight and his mother's dismay) that today, they are giving out dinosaurs- real ones- with everything, was pretty much overwhelming. They LOVED it. And I loved them, with their open smiley faces and eyes that drank in every illustration.

This is the reason that I will continue looking for youth librarian jobs everywhere we move. It would be much easier to get a job as an information broker or database indexer (very portable, work from home options for those with an MLS). The job search at each new locale is worth it though, to see those happy little faces.

Why, yes, I am a huge sucker for kids. Why do you ask?

Also, I am planning to get back to my pilot training series. I swear. Also, I'm thinking about a post about why being a librarian is the ideal milspouse career...stay tuned.


loquita said...

Brandy and I are *totally* tuned into that last part!

You are making me think that elementary school librarian could be a good match for me. :)

Brando said...

Just when I'm doubting my choice, you make me feel so much better about it! I know exactly how you feel about the reactions you get from children, it was one of the biggest reasons I wanted to be a teacher. But it excites me to know that I can still interact with children but do something that I love.

As Loqui said, I can't wait to hear why it's a great career for a milspouse.

New Girl on Post said...

I just wanted to stop by and say hello. I found your page through Brandy and I'm already hooked! I'm thinking about getting my MLS while we are stationed in Europe and to hear it will be a great career for a milspouse is music to my ears!

Tressa said...

I would love to hear more about becoming a librarian. I would love to be a librarian. My husband is the ship's librarian and loves it, but, obviously, it doesn't transfer to the civilian world.

My kids always loved storytime. They are too old for storytime now. I sure do miss those days. It was the highlight of their week.