Sunday, November 16, 2008

Somehow this time of year always manages to depress me...

And by this time of year, I mean the time of year when most public libraries give out stability pay/retention bonuses/whatever they want to call it. Basically, the longer you've worked there, the more money you get. It is also the time of year when I look over the pay charts for the next year and contemplate the simple fact that I will never work in one place long enough to make decent money.

The key to being well paid as a librarian is 1) find a job in a non-public library and then 2) work there until you die or retire, whichever comes first.

I have failed on both counts.

But even public libraries pay decently if you've worked there for a few years. Unfortunately, the likelihood that I will ever work anywhere for more than three years is decidedly small. I hate always having to start at the bottom. I hate not being considered for promotions or more responsibility because I'm going to be moving on in a few years, and my employers know it. I hate feeling underpaid (and undervalued).

In the end I'm doing work that I really love, and so is Einstein. It doesn't get much better than that, even though I'll never have the earning potential of my non-nomadic colleagues.


Brando said...

ah...I had to listen to my mom say stuff like this my entire life. And as easy as it is to say, "well that's what military spouses do, we sacrifice, blah, blah, blah" it still really sucks. You feel like you're in permanent career limbo until your military spouse retires. But luckily you have a profession that translates across all communities/locations. It just sucks that you'll always have to start at the bottom every time.

My heart goes out to you! Try to think positive- at least you have a decent job during this scary economic crap that's happening, and a job that offers any form of bonuses. My only bonus is that I get two weeks of for Christmas. That's better than any monetary amount!

loquita said...

Hopefully once you hit a magical number of years of experience, you won't be immediately put on the bottom of the totem pole. Being counted out for advancement because they know you will be leaving just sucks tho... Ick.

The Mrs. said...

just keep enjoying the fact that you have a job that you enjoy doing. And get to be surrounded by books!