Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I could pretend it hasn't been nearly 2 months since I updated...

Or I could allude to it in the title and then post about something else entirely!!

Two things, tonight!

One: It cracks me up how many ways the military is like middle school. This might just be pilot training, with its over abundance of barely out of college, testosterone laden heavy drinking idiots. Not that a lot of people drank in my middle school. It grew up in the sticks, but we weren't that weird!

At any rate, the gossip around here astounds me! It is so crazy. He said, she said, then this, then that. I don't believe anything I hear about anyone anymore. In fact, I don't even believe my own husband when he tells me something. I always ask for his source, and how they supposedly know what they "know". Even then, I don't really trust it.

Two: I love knowing how to make Google divulge more than it would with a simple keyword search. For all of you who love all things library related (or just want to find what you're looking for), check out this link:


Some of it is a little arcane, but wow. I used this a billion times today. Literally.

OOooooh, and 3, even though I only said 2 things!

Three: My husband looks awfully good in a flight suit. That is all.

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The Mrs. said...

ah but does your husband look as good as my husband in a flight suit? : )

I must say though, I do not really like the desert flight suit, that weird shade of khaki doesnt do it for me. And now in the USMC they have to wear them half the year, flyboy hates it. I think they wear them all summer till like october, well Oct. up here is cold and he looks like an idiot wearing a desert flight suit when its 25 degrees up here! sorry that was a ramble.

and yes, it is amazing how filled with rumors the air wing is. I think because in a way its so competitive. Everyone is really looking out for themselves, no one wants to get boarded or ever ever taken off the schedule. Just my theory. Also, lets be honest, the air wing attracts egos. You kinda have to have a big head to be cool with people shooting at you when you are flying over them.