Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dinner for one

Quick question:

Would you rather go out to eat by yourself or cook for yourself at home?

I hate cooking for myself. I did it by necessity when I was living by myself and broke. Now? Well, I don't technically live by myself. And we are not technically broke.

But I feel that same loathing rising in my heart, nonetheless. I keep making myself eggs, because that is all I can bring myself to cook. Luckily, our house is inconveniently located to nearly all local restaurants, both sit down and fast food, otherwise I would drop a lot of coin on dinners out. Unfortunately, I can also spend a few hours after work shopping and then head to dinner before driving all the way home. Which is also a lot of coin, but at least I got 2 nice sweaters, some curtains and a few candles out of the deal.

When I do this, I generally go to Buffalo Wild Wings (shut up, I like them). By myself. With a book. Because that is how I roll.

I always sit in the same section (the only one with decent lighting, so I can read my book). I always get the same waitress. And she always calls me honey/sweetie/etc which somehow makes me feel even lamer than being in what is essentially a sports bar reading a book.

But I do love their wings.


That's Sassy said...

I usually cook at home, my fiancee is in Texas until we get married in June so I rarely eat out by myself unless its lunch. But I am definitly not against the idea of bringing a book to dinner!

Bette said...

I'm a great fan of dining alone. It can feel awkward, especially at first, but if the alternative is eating my own leftovers for a fourth night in a row, I can get over it.

Besides, a book is a much better companion than some of the dinner dates I had back in my single days. ;-)