Sunday, January 31, 2010

Violent movies

Does anyone else have a hard time watching military movies? I can't watch military movies. Or really any violent movies. I do okay with unrealistic movies ("Stealth", anyone?) but anything that is remotely realistic, I just can't watch.

Which is unfortunate, since realistic, violent, military themed movies are some of Einstein's favorites. But I can't even be in the same room if one is on.

I also get sick of making excuses for why I don't want to watch things, whether we are over at someone's house or trying to pick a movie to go see in the theater. I just can't handle it. If I do end up watching something, I have nightmares for a week or so afterwards.

I don't really think I'm missing out on much by not watching violent movies...but my dislike of them coupled with his dislike of chick flicks really limits are movie viewing abilities.


Kristie said...

I would rather have a romantic movie anyday of the week.


MIRA said...

Hi! I am librarian as well! :)
Another thing we share is that I cannot watch realistic military movies either. I cannot watch Army Wifes! Lately, I cannot watch plane crash movies as well. LOL

Anonymous said...

i love the libary it is a place where peace comes...