Sunday, January 2, 2011


I like making resolutions and goals. I don't really limit myself to making them only in January, but I have found that it is always best when I break resolutions down into habits to start.

2010 was a very strange year. I spent a lot of time in January making a lot of very good plans and resolutions for the year. And then I got a new job and all of my really excellent plans got flushed down the toilet. This wasn't necessarily a bad thing- I love my job, and of all the things that didn't go according to The Plan last year, my job was by far the best. Our life changed in a lot of ways, but I have to say that despite meeting almost none of my goals from last January, I'm very happy with where things are this January. 2010 taught me a lot of lessons about the futility of planning, and the blessings that come wrapped up in having our plans completely wrecked, and also a lot about appreciating every second, because it can change so very fast.

Which means that in 2011, I am trying to concentrate on supporting my New Year's resolutions with habits. I've spent a lot of time thinking about how to break things down into small, daily chunks that I can easily work into my routine. And I am trying very hard to resist the idea that I need to start trying to incorporate all of these habits now. I am going to focus on just a couple during January, and hope that by placing the importance on building the habit, instead of on the results, I will be able to start implementing change.

To 2011!

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