Sunday, October 21, 2007

I love watching planes!

Einstein is home from his TDY, hooray! We've been settling in, trying to establish a rhythym, since we didn't quite find one before he left. So far, so good, although I had an incredibly full week of work, which put a crimp in my plans, but life is never perfect.

We went to an airshow this weekend, and it was such a blast! I love love love watching planes. I realize this is highly ironic, since I am absolutely petrified of flying. When I fly commercially I am a wreck. I'm only moderately better when Einstein is along, since I trust his pilot sense (ie, if he isn't worried, we're not going to die).

But anyway, watching planes! We had a great time and it was fun to walk around and poke at the planes and watch the show and just basically enjoy a relaxing afternoon.

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